Monday, 26 September 2011


The TARGET are the main enemy faction in BODYCOUNT. I designed them to be completely harsh and angular. There isn't a single curve or circle in their equipment or architecture, which was extremely awkward but fun to do. I wanted to get some giant minimalist typogrpahy in the stages to overwhelm and surprise players, a key influence for this idea was Bauhaus poster design.

TARGET structures were mainly designed to be telescoping underground bunkers and machine towers, which I named MECHALITHS when I was designing them. They are called NEXUS' in the game.

TOWER deployed under building 2 in the Military Compound stage.
I painted this quite early on and it was the basis for several other designs.

This image shows the theme of bands of tone or colour I wanted to get into the interiors to break up forms.
This totalitarian style was inspired by the Naval dazzle camouflage of Sir Norman Wilkinson from WW1. 

Large computer and command rooms broke up corridors and gantry systems provided overhead combat options.
This room's ceiling was inspired by mid-century modern design, and the architectural work of Louis Kahn.

This was a design I produced to investigate the chevron banding and machine elements I wanted to see in to the interiors.

I painted up a number of interior surfacing and architecture guides for the environment artists.
This one shows an 8m high column made of two column components clipped together.

I had the idea to use our glass tech system to panel the walls of the TARGET interiors.
This image shows my pre-visualisation for how the interiors would look after a shootout.

I was very keen to get extremely bold red interiors in the game: these can be seen in reactor rooms.

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